• Continuing Education

Registered Life Planner Continuing Education Program

Professionals that earn the Registered Life Planner designation are expected to keep their skills sharp by attending at least eight hours of continuing education every two years. This can be done by any of the following means:

*Attend a meditation retreat or series of meditation classes with George Kinder and we’ll count 20% of the time (not more than a total of 2 hours) toward the RLP® continuing education requirement. For example, if you attended a two-day meditation retreat with George Kinder that totaled 12 hours, then 2 of those hours would count as CE.

**Repeat the Seven Stages of Money Maturity Workshop for 50% off the standard price, space permitting.

***Repeat the EVOKE Life Planning Training for 25% off the standard price, space permitting.

Please email info@kinderinstitute.com with any questions about obtaining CEs.