I’m a Registered Life Planner® with Joanna Little

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Joanna Little shares her life planning journey with Kinder Institute’s COO Lora Woodward. She is the CEO and Chartered Financial Planner with Emery Little based in Hemel Hempstead, UK. Joanna is one of over 600 professionals globally that have earned the prestigious Registered Life Planner® (RLP®) designation.

Lean into the process and experience it for yourself!

In their conversation, Joanna shares how she got into financial services and integrates life planning into work with clients. Identifying as a “technical financial planner”, she didn’t initially want to earn the RLP® designation. It was early in her career, and she wanted to prioritize her technical efficiency. Her father, Andy Little, shared with her that the EVOKE® Life Planning Training was a prerequisite for financial planners at Emery Little. It focuses on client relationships and complements the technical skills. Good thing for us she loved the training, finding it “life-changing,” and hasn’t looked back since.

Joanna and the team at Emery Little value client relationships over anything else, often working with their clients for decades. Joanna says that they have “found life planning to be an effective and meaningful way to build trust really quickly” with clients. This is a great interview to watch for anyone who’s been on the fence about considering Kinder Institute’s training programs. To you, Joanna says, “knowing how reticent I was at the out set I would really encourage people just to give it a go and make your mind up through the process and having experienced it yourself.”

Joanna Little Bio

Joanna is a third generation financial adviser, following in her dad and grandad’s footsteps. As a Chartered Financial Planner, she combines her technical capability with the skills learned as a Registered Life Planner® to help clients build a life and financial plan around what matters most to them. Joanna really enjoys working through the complexity of a situation to reach the simplicity on the other side. She says, “I believe financial planning is fundamentally about life planning. The client, their life, and what’s important to them has to drive the technical side of things and any investment decisions. You need to listen to clients properly to understand what matters to them – one of the things my training has taught me is how to listen, and be genuinely comfortable in silence.” Joanna sits on the board of NextGen Planners and is a member of The Ideas Exchange. https://emerylittle.com/

Kinder Institute of Life Planning

Kinder Institute of Life Planning provides experiential training on client-centered relationship skills to financial advisors and professionals worldwide. Since it began in 2003, Kinder Institute of Life Planning has trained thousands on its life planning methodologies that deliver clients into the lives they long to live. The designation of Registered Life Planner® (RLP®) is earned by completing an entire course of study including The Seven Stages of Money Maturity® Training, the EVOKE® Life Planning Training, and a subsequent Life Planning Mentorship Program. To learn more about life planning, trainings offered by Kinder Institute of Life Planning, or to find an Registered Life Planner® professional, visit www.kinderinstitute.com.

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Stay In Touch With The Latest News From Kinder Institute!

Receive updates on new and upcoming courses, the latest news in Life Planning, and our most recent blog posts.

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