An ongoing quarterly in-person program for Registered Life Planners

  • Life Planning Master Status:
    When RLPs® attend an LPM workshop at least once per year, their status changes to Life Planning Master. This has the added benefit of raising you to the top of the search results on the KI site
    and further identifies you as an expert in the field of Life Planning.
  • This program provides 8 KI CEUs for RLPs®
    (satisfies EVOKE® training requirement)
  • Eligible for CPD Points/8.0 hours in UK

Practising and discussing EVOKE® for Clients: Practising all the learned techniques in all phases of Life Planning:

  • Exploration – how to get to those topics that even the client did not suspect to matter?
  • Vision – how to turn the dream into something to get enthusiastic about?
  • Obstacles – how to get rid of your own obstacles?
  • Knowledge – how to stick to knowledge that is necessary in this situation?
  • Execution – how to get to a successful execution?
  • Financial Coaching – how does Life Planning mix with coaching?

EVOKE® for You and your clients

  • Meets 4 times/year for one day in London from 9am to 5pm and
  • Meets 4 times/year for one day in Bennekom (NL) from 9am to 5pm (in Dutch)
  • Meets 4 times/year for one day in Littleton, MA from 9am to 5p
  • Morning Session focused on EVOKE®: Living your Life Plan and using the EVOKE® process with clients
  • Afternoon Session focused on inter-vision program. Effectiveness, progress and difficult cases.
  • each phase of EVOKE® for ourselves and clients

Possible Afternoon Themes: Business and Practice Management

Sample Schedule
Structure Of Typical LPM Morning Session

  • Creating a community for Registered Life Planners® to share knowledge and experiences.
  • Creating an active learning environment in which you are challenged to keep up your skills and practise doing Life Planning with clients.
  • Using the possibility to present cases and to reflect on them, thus getting new insights or advice.
  • To get professional/collegial advice about anything regarding the application of Life Planning.