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Become a Registered Life Planner®

There are three required programs to earn the RLP® designation:

  • The Seven Stages of Money Maturity® Workshop
  • EVOKE® Life Planning Residential or Online Training
  • RLP® 6-Month Virtual Mentorship
  • Continuing Education Opportunities

The EVOKE® and Seven Stages trainings may be taken in either order. The 6-Month Mentorship follows the EVOKE® program.

Seven Stages of Money Maturity Training

A Model for Understanding and Developing Client Relationships and One’s Own Relationship to Money

About the Training

About the Training:

This workshop trains advisers to improve their listening, relationship, and inspirational skills. It teaches the psychology of money that models integrity and delivers freedom.  It makes clear what a life plan is versus just a financial plan.


  • How to apply philosophical and psychological framework to understand client behavior and inspire clients to action toward their most profound goals.
  • To empathize with your client, build trust, and enhance coaching skillsTo inspire alignment of financial resources to personal goal achievement
  • How to examine beliefs about money that disrupt the advisory process—and what to do about it.
  • To recognize the human dimensions of money such as self-sabotaging behavior, inappropriate risk-taking, lack of interest in executing a plan, and goal confusion—and how to address them.
  • How to use our famous “Three Questions” methodology to connect to clients’ deeper goals—even those that may be closely guarded.
  • This workshop includes nearly a dozen experiential exercises including written exercises to use with clients and a three-hour introduction to the 5-stage EVOKE® client interview process that is more fully elaborated in our 5-day Advanced Training.

10 CEUs for CFPs®, Eligible for CPD Points/17.0 hours in UK.

Adviser Benefits

Adviser benefits:

  • Enhances the ability of the adviser to empathize with the client, building trust.
  • Improves the ability of the adviser to inspire the client to action toward their goals and toward financial action.
  • Access to mindfulness-based listening, empathy and goal exercises for use with clients.
  • Gives the adviser a philosophical and psychological framework to understand client behavior and enhance coaching skills.
  • Increase closing ratios—fewer wasted opportunities.
  • Get effortless referrals—even after the first meeting!
  • Build assets under management and planning revenue from all your clients.

Eligible for CPD Points/17.0 hours in UK
Provides 10 CEUs for CFPs


 “Instructors bring a mélange of knowledge, experience, humor, humility, erudition and stories to teach and empower us to empower our clients.”

Curt WeilThe Lasecke Weil Wealth Advisory Group, LLC

“Simply the most enlightening course available for planners today. A must!”

Keith LongParamount Group Ltd

“If you want to bring your IFA business into the 21st century you owe it to your clients, but more importantly to yourself, to attend the Seven Stages workshop.”

Rajesh ModhaThe Financial Lab Ltd

“Very profound, life-changing course not just for financial planners but for everyone.”

Krupesh Kotecha

“A truly worthwhile experience. This session has been illuminating! I look forward to future seminars.”

Laurie ChandlerVigilant Capital Management, LLC

“This course isn’t just great in helping think about money but it has been invaluable in helping understand how to deal with situations in all areas of life.”

Aaron EriskinPartner with Walter & Partners

EVOKE® Life Planning Training

Learn the 5-phase process to implement Life Planning into your business, as you Life Plan each other and are coached by our staff of global trainers.

About the Training

About the Training:

This training gives you the practical skills to implement Life Planning into your practice. You will experientially practice the skills of EVOKE® and learn how to embed the process into your business. In this residential training, you will experience first-hand the power of Life Planning to cause breakthrough results for yourself and your clients. Learn to communicate with other people through relationship skills.

  • This training is almost entirely experiential. At least one trainer for every 6 – 7 attendees.
  • Participants learn the EVOKE® method firsthand, by pairing up and developing life plans for each other.
  • Participants practice the interview process and receive personal coaching after each exercise.
  • Learn how to integrate the life vision with practical financial strategies and overcome resistance to plan execution.
  • Develop professional relationship skills, including listening and communication techniques, through guidance in basic client interviewing principles, the dynamics of working with couples and families, and conflict resolution.
  • Receive practice management guidance related to integrating Life Planning into an existing practice.

10 CEUs for CFPs®, Eligible for CPD Points/32.0 – 42.0 hours in UK.

Adviser Benefits

Adviser benefits:

Where else can you take a course to enhance your client relationships, your bottom line AND get your own working Life Plan in the process? This is the perfect time to re-tool your practice:

  • Develop unbreakable bonds of trust with your clients
  • Increase closing ratios–fewer wasted opportunities
  • Get effortless referrals–even after the first meeting!
  • Build assets under management and planning revenue
  • Learn the most efficient way to do financial planning–by far

10 CEU’s for CFPs®
CPD Points/Hours: 32.0 – 42.0


Training that will transform your client interactions, and that will add enormous value to your client proposition. Will also empower you to transform your personal life.

Dom Spalding

If you want to explore the true meaning of life and money, you will find this out after the 5-day program and truly transform the impact you will make in your client’s lives.

Donna Rasile

Experiencing the EVOKE® process was like being at the top of the mountain of my career and finally taking off to soar.

Durrel Buzzini

For me, the EVOKE® workshop has been life-changing. First, I have gained clarity I did not previously think possible, simply by receiving the gift of life planning as well as mindfulness practices. Secondly, the workshop has deepened my passion for the work that I do. In fact, I am not seeing it as “work” anymore. I am seeing life planning as a tool to meet an important part of my life’s’ purpose.

Frankie CorradoBlue Blaze Financial

If Life Planning is your chosen call in life, immerse yourself in the benefits the Kinder Institute has to offer. Having gone through the EVOKE® training, I wonder why life planning is not more prevalent in the Financial Services industry. It made me even more passionate of not only incorporating Life Planning as ‘what we do” in our practice but working to grow the practice to be as impactful as possible. I want to bring life planning to as many paid clients, professionals, and pro bono clients as possible.

Frank Corrado

An amazing experience that helped me become a better person. It has provided a deeper understanding of how to really affect the lives of my clients.

Ryan Inman

To say that this is anything short of life-altering and transformative would be an understatement. I now feel confident that I will do financial planning the right way.

Scott Frank

Traditional financial planning is insufficient if you truly want to change lives and create breakthroughs for your clients. The Kinder method makes breakthroughs possible and can take financial planning to an entirely new level.

Jeremy Kisner

Frequently rated by attendees as one of the very most transformative experiences they have had in their lives!

To anyone who’s interested, or just curious, do it … for you and for your clients. I am confident this will prove to be an exceptional and extremely worthwhile experience, and the value to both your personal and business life can’t be underestimated…!!”

Gillian Cardy

The Kinder Institute’s training is as essential to the financial planner’s own well-being as it is to his/her clients!

Geoff Owen

RLP® 6-Month Mentorship

Deepen your insight, knowledge, and skills in applying EVOKE® and the Seven Stages framework to your life planning clients.

About the Training

About the Training:

is a continuation of the deep learning of the EVOKE® training through case studies, peer support, group teleconferences, and one-on-one guidance from an experienced mentor. “Real-life, back-home” client situations and practice challenges are explored during this six-month interactive program.

This is the third and final step in achieving the Registered Life Planner® (RLP®) designation.

8 CEUs for CFPs®, Eligible for CPD Points/42.0 hours in UK.

Registering for mentorship is one of the best things I have done in my life. It has not only been able to help me to extend my learnings from the 5 day programe but also made me a better person overall… personal relationships are better and have been able to create a difference in the lives of my clients largely.

Sushma Dialani

The mentorship is the chance to go deep into the EVOKE® method. It is the most effective action one can take to make sure the skills learned at the training stick for good.

Marcio Silveira

This is the best skill I have ever learned. The depth of relationship and value I am now delivering to my clients is priceless. It has changed how I advise my clients for the better.

Stuart Poonawala

Mentorship has helped me live my own life plan. And greatly helped in learning to help others do the same. It’s like walking the talk. It’s something you need to experience first, authenticity and then help others with this profound learning. It has changed my life and outlook towards life.

Indresh Malik

Continuing Education

Keep your life planning skills sharp by attending continuing education opportunities such as Life Planning Mastery Classes, Virtual Life Planning Mastery Sessions, and Inner Listening Days.

Life Planning Mastery

Life Planning Mastery

Keep in touch with your Life Planning colleagues and keep sharpening the saw! For Registered Life Planners® this is the program you want to attend where you are actively engaged in practicing Life Planning. Gather with other practitioners to improve your Life Planning and coaching skills, re-kindle your own personal torch, and build a more successful Life Planning Practice.

Participants in this program have successfully completed the RLP® program and want to enlarge their Life Planning experience and expertise by using the EVOKE® process and make strides in building a satisfying Life Planning Practice. By combining knowledge and energy and by meeting with other RLPs® at least once a year but possibly every quarter they keep in touch and energized around Life Planning.

Whether you are new or old to Life Planning, this program is designed to increase proficiency and confidence at every level of experience.

Possible Morning Themes: Advanced EVOKE® with clients

  • Revisiting each phase of EVOKE® for ourselves and clients
  • Lighting the torch with couples
  • Soggy torches: how to work with half-hearted clients
  • Diagnosing Innocent Beliefs
  • The O Meeting: how to deal with the most difficult obstacles
  • Lack of implementation: sputtering torches and working with vigor drains
  • Challenges of using the Three Questions with the sick, aged, or retired

Possible Afternoon Themes: Business and Practice Management

  • Sharing intervision experiences
  • Sharing cases specifically prepared for these sessions
  • Sharing new insights or methods of implementation
  • Discussing market development

8 CEUs for CFPs®, Eligible for CPD Points/8.0 hours in UK.

Virtual Life Planning Mastery

Virtual Life Planning Mastery Sessions

These sessions are designed to help Registered Life Planners and other members of the Life Planning community to connect about pertinent topics related to practicing life planning in real time.

  • Offered virtually through Zoom, lead trainers and assistant trainers will post the topic of their session in advance.
  • These calls are interactive and utilize small chat rooms to encourage optimal audience engagement.
  • Refresh your life planning skills in a convenient way while connecting virtually with life planners around the world!
Inner Listening Days

Inner Listening Days

Deepen and strengthen your inner listening and mindfulness practice in this day-long mindfulness, meditation retreat.  George will give practical instruction but the day will be devoted mostly to silent practice.

For other mindfulness activities, visit GeorgeKinder.com.

Best Value!

RLP® Package

$8,770 / £6,430 (VAT included)

Save more than 10% off of the early pricing on the complete Registered Life Planner® training curriculum

Make convenient monthly payments with no finance fees

Begin with either the Seven Stages of Money Maturity® workshop or the EVOKE® Life Planning residential training course