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Life changes. Whether sudden or anticipated, change brings about an opportunity to imagine what is possible, if you dare to challenge the status quo. We work with clients as they transition from what is to what is imaginable. Plan • Nuture • Grow Financial Advice for life’s transitions Planning • Investment Management • Risk Mitigation

Transitions are pivot points in life. Some changes we can anticipate and control, while other changes are thrust upon us with little or no warning. Beginning with an end transitions take more time than anticipated. The passage to a new normal is often a period of confusion even though new opportunities are on the horizon. At MBR Financial, we help clients as they anticipate or enter transition, to articulate the future path, and align money decisions to realize their vision. Retirement, divorce, widowhood, re-marriage/partnering, mid-career job change, sale or transfer of a business, sudden wealth.

About My Practice
At MBR Financial, we are independent and our loyalty is to our clients alone. We believe financial relationships should be based on trust, integrity and transparency. Therefore, we adhere to a fiduciary standard that covers our entire relationship with you. We are committed to putting your interest ahead of our own at all times. Our four Principals each have 28+ years of experience. Along with our six long-tenured staff members, we are dedicated to serving your needs.

About Mary Margolis
EDUCATION & CERTIFICATIONS Duquesne University, BS Business Admin Bowen Family Systems Theory post-graduate study CFP®, Certified Financial Planner CPA/PFS, Certified Public Accountant/Personal Financial Specialist CDFA®, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Community Service Facilitator, Bo’s Place. A bereavement center offering grief support. I was widowed at 33. I learned first- hand the pain of losing my soul mate and financial partner. Emotions were high, I was directionless, and very much outside my comfort zone. I understand how difficult it is to find purpose, reimagine what is possible, and create alignment with good financial decisions under the weight of emotions. That is why I am so passionate about working with clients who are preparing for, and transitioning through, major life changes.

Ideal Clients
Our ideal client is anticipating or entering retirement, divorce, widowhood, or other major life change.

Our ideal client rejects the traditional product-centric financial broker, agent or adviser. They want to work with someone who is independent and not beholden to a large company. A Fiduciary who is committed to putting the client's interest ahead of their own for all services, without exception. Someone who will adapt to the way the client likes to receive and process information---visual, verbal, auditory, kinesthetic or a combination, An advisor who listens, asks thought-provoking questions, educates on options to empower the client to make good decisions in support of their vision for the future.

Our fees are asset-based, fixed or hourly, depending on the scope and complexity. We recommend no-commission insurance products, when available, and manage on an asset-based fee. Otherwise, if only commission-based products are viable, we receive a commission which we disclose.

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