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UK, England
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Caroline’s approach is that money is primarily a vehicle for achieving one’s life goals whilst providing long-term security. She places great store on building lasting client relationships based on personal service and mutual trust. Beginning with a full assessment of their financial situation, she works with clients to determine what is really important to them. Visualisation tools are then used to model a number of possible life events (‘what if’ scenarios). Caroline says: “The process is graphic and very revealing, and can enable important – sometimes life-changing – decisions to be made. Investment advice is based both on attitude to risk and what is needed to realize one’s life objectives. The process provides peace of mind and leads to sound, long-term decisions, built on solid foundations”.

About My Practice
Caroline joined Serenity Financial Planning and opened the Yorkshire office in August 2012. With more than 20 years’ experience in financial services, Caroline is a Registered Life Planner with special expertise in inheritance tax planning, trusts, pensions and divorce. Her clients include individuals and families from across a wide spectrum.

About Caroline Keegan
Caroline lives with her geologist husband David and border terrier, Monty, in the picturesque Colne Valley near Huddersfield. When not working, their lives are taken up with gardening, walking the hills or merely battling the elements! They also enjoy skiing, scuba diving, camping or simply travelling.

Ideal Clients
Her clients include individuals and families from across a wide spectrum.

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