Giorgio Canella

independent, fiduciary support to personal decisions
Giorgio Canella - fiduciary support to personal decisions
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life is a sequence of decisions...decisions determine the quality of life. fiduciary support to personal decisions,mainly when they condition the quality of your life and of the life of People you love . No product sale. Let's meet .

listening...sharing thoughts...offering my vision of your "things"...but you remain free to make your own decisions . Let's meet

About My Practice
Giorgio Canella - solo - fiduciary support to personal decisions

Ideal Clients
ideal Client. the one that likes my approach and that is looking for a support when making decisions...a support not involved in their business and not involved in their "sentiments"...a support offering a different view of their "things"...a support... walking together . Training for professional People. Let's meet

Fee for service , based on the difficulties of the task and on the time spent to serve the Client . Hourly fee. only for "spot" services .

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