John Chesbrough

Founder, CFP®
Trail Financial Planning LLC
214 N. Commercial St.
Bellingham, WA 98225
United States
Phone: (360) 399-6486
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Investments, transitions, college planning, Washington state retirement plans, Washington state benefits.

About My Practice
Trail Financial Planning LLC is a fee only financial planning/investment management business located in Bellingham, WA. Just as I encourage my clients to align their finances with their values, I seek to align Trail Financial Planning with my values - supporting families, relationships, community and the natural world.

About John Chesbrough
I am a Certified Financial Planner® and business owner. But where I am today is like asking where the river is from. There are a thousand paths that dripped and gathered to form the current flow. I will write from here upstream. I've been doing financial planning and investments for clients since 2012. Prior to 2018 though, I was also a high school science teacher. I primarily taught physics and environmental science. I worked as a teacher since before just before my kids were born. Porter was second (in 2006), and Mia was first (2004). When Mia was born, my wife and I lived in South Africa. We lived in South Africa for two years, where we worked in an international school. We loved the opportunity to meet caring people and fascinating kids from all around the world. We also cherished the opportunity to view our own culture from the "outside." Nothing makes you both appreciate and be critical your home like going without. In 2004 we moved back to Bellingham, WA to be closer to our extended family and the trails of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My wife and I met in Montana, working as wilderness therapists. We worked for a program that took in trouble adolescents into the Wilderness for 2-month long journeys of self-discovery and interpersonal skill building. We discovered a shared love of wild places and passionate people. I value my love and family beyond all. My educational background: Master's in Science in Physics (2004). Bachelor's of Science (Civil and Engineering with Environmental option).

Ideal Clients
I enjoy working with people who care for others and their community - firefighters, therapists, doctors, nurses, and teachers. Often, I work with couples, together as a household. Sometimes, one person is a small business owner (like a therapist), or has a small business on the side of their helping profession. As you help others, you also must help yourself and your family. That’s where I come in. I help you put all the financial pieces together into a cohesive strategy that matches you and your values. 

CFP®, (Certified Financial Planner®) NBCT , (National Boards Certified Teacher)

We are a fee-only firm. We do project-based financial planning (with hourly fees) and ongoing financial planning/investment management (that is clients usually pay through investment account fee deductions).

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