James "Blake" Bowman, CFP®

Founder & Financial Planner
Wave Wealth Planning, LLC
2005 Capers Ave #25
Nashville, TN 37212
United States
Phone: 615-724-0058
Email: blake@wavewealthplanning.com
Website: https://www.wavewealthplanning.com
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Helping good people live their version of the good life

FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), Gen Y/Millennials, Holistic Financial Planning, Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs, Equity Compensation

About My Practice
Wave Wealth Planning, LLC is a financial planning and investment management firm based in Nashville, TN. We enjoy serving clients virtually & throughout the US. Our boutique firm is designed with you in mind. We seek to provide the highest level of service, maximizing your likelihood of long-term success and peace of mind. Money can be complicated, but we believe in making it simple so you can focus on living! We are an independent, fee-only, registered Investment Advisor. We believe in putting our clients first at all times.

About James Bowman
I care deeply about my clients' success and view all clients as friends. I'm nostalgic about the future, in part because of my enduring belief in the power of good people. I've had the privilege of conducting thousands of financial planning appointments and serving hundreds of good people as an empathetic guide on their journeys to financial peace. I'm a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, having spent countless hours mastering key comprehensive financial planning topics. I studied Finance at Tennessee Technological University. After spending nearly 6 years at a large financial institution, I founded Wave Wealth Planning, LLC with the goal of always putting my clients first.

Fully Independent & Fee-only (flat monthly fee and/or assets under management)

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