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“Learn to connect much more authentically and effectively 
what you experience inside with what you deliver outside.”
- George Kinder

Life Planning Presentation Training

Life Planning is about living an authentic life and delivering on our potential as human beings. How can we stay connected to our Life Plans and communicate the power of this work to clients, business associates, family and friends? Not only will you come away from this training with your own strong Life Planning Presentation and Facilitation skills, the event is designed as a think-tank on taking this work out to the public in powerful ways.

Participants In Presentation Training Workshops Will:

  • Develop unique presentation skills and stories for effective speeches, workshops and seminars related to Life Planning and money, for groups large and small.
  • Learn to present and facilitate “mini-workshops” of several hours of duration centered on the modules from the 2-Day Seven Stages of Money Maturity program.
  • Learn facilitation skills for working with individuals and groups around problematic issues that might otherwise block the development of a financial plan.
  • Strengthen understanding of the methodology of the Seven Stages in order to work with clients around the meaning of money in their lives.
  • Practice new designs for Kinder Institute public workshops.
  • Learn how to speak from both Knowledge and Heart and how to use each approach for maximum effectiveness.
  • Practice speaking to clients and groups about the EVOKE® process.
  • Fine-tune the ability to use goal-setting exercises in meaningful and creative ways with clients.
  • Be eligible to become certified to lead the 2-Day Seven Stages of Money Maturity® workshop.


  • Completion of the 2-Day Seven Stages of Money Maturity Workshop, which is offered prior to each Life Planning Presentation Training.
    • For Presentation Training participants who have already taken the 2-Day Workshop, you are invited to attend the immediately preceding 2-Day Workshop as a free refresher.