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Story Ideas

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Great WSJ article on online Apps for retirement that highlights LifePlanningforYou.com as a favorite site! Features Kinder Institute’s Three Questions and the EVOKE process. It also tells you how to find a financial Life Planner to guide you through the process.

The Kinder Institute is a great resource for story ideas

Consumer/General Public Media – Story Ideas

  • What is Life Planning?
  • Top 10 Reasons to hire a financial advisor that is trained in Life Planning?
  • Life Planning is a Retirement methodology to be used throughout a person’s life
  • Financial Life Planning, Mindfulness and A Golden Civilization

Financial Industry Media Story Ideas

  • How Life Planning and financial planning work together?
  • What is Life Planning?
  • Why should I add Life Planning to my practice?
  • Becoming a Registered Life Planner
  • Seven Stages of Money Maturity® Workshop
  • Advanced EVOKE® Training
  • Interview advisors trained in Life Planning. Hear first hand how it has improved their business.
  • Life Planning and Large Firms
  • Life Planning and the Future of Financial Planning
  • Risk Management: How to avoid client panic forever.
  • Find a Financial Adviser you can trust
  • Financial Life Planning, Mindfulness and A Golden Civilization

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Stories with George Kinder as a source could include:

  • A Golden Civilization and the Map of Mindfulness – the book
  • Golden Civilization Conversations – A Movement Starts with a Conversation
  • The map of mindfulness replacing our maps of time and space. The present moment is all there is.
  • A Golden Civilization: Asking the question of 1000 generations, looking back to now and throwing out what doesn’t work immediately and adopting what does. The integrity of our systems for civilization must be impeccable.
  • Freedom-based Economics: the extraordinary benefits of shifting from an economics and a civilization based on self-interest to an economics and a civilization based on moments of freedom and self-knowledge.
  • Money and meaning—how to merge the two and become truly happy through an integrated financial and life plan
  • Life planning and the Three Questions
  • Transforming Suffering into Wisdom and The Structure of Suffering.
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A Golden Civilization - George’s latest Book

A Golden Civilization

Available on Amazon.com and as an audiobook at Audible.com.

George Kinder invites readers to imagine a thousand generations have passed and humanity has at last accomplished a Golden Civilization. Of all the systems and structures currently in place which of them got us there? And which of them were irretrievably heading in the wrong direction? He then challenges us to immediately abandon habits, structures, and systems that won’t take us to a Golden Civilization and adopt those that will.

I believe in the power of collaboration and conversation. In these divisive times, it is my mission to bring people from around the world together to discuss the basic principles which unite us. Through a series of facilitated conversations, I challenge groups to imagine 1000 generations in the future where there is a Golden Civilization: What does it look like? Feel Like? How do people communicate, exchange goods, and govern themselves? Through thought-provoking discussion, listening, and collaboration, a cumulative vision for the future begins to form. The question then becomes, what if this future was now? How do we take this vision, addressing societal obstacles, and put it into action? This is what we must do together.

Golden Civilization Conversations are happening globally. By joining together, participating in conversations, and sharing ideas we can become the change we seek.

I welcome you to follow this link to learn more.