Learn the Life Planning listening and relationship skills to build trust and inspire your client to action.

A Model for Understanding and Developing Client Relationships and One’s Own Relationship to Money

Eligible for CPD Points/17.0 hours in UK
Provides 10 CEUs for CFPs

This workshop trains advisers to improve their listening, relationship and inspirational skills. It teaches a psychology of money that models integrity and delivers freedom.  It makes clear what a life plan is versus just a financial plan. You can expect:

Nearly a dozen experiential exercises aimed at teaching you how to

  • Inspire clients to action toward their most profound goals
  • Establish broader and deeper relationships with your clients.
  • Integrate life goals with financial realities.
  • Examine beliefs about money that disrupt the advisory process and what to do about it.
  • Recognize the human dimensions of money such as self-sabotaging behavior, inappropriate risk-taking, lack of interest in executing a plan, and goal confusion—and how to address them.
  • Use our famous “Three Questions” methodology to connect to clients’ deeper goals, even those that may be closely guarded.
  • This workshop includes nearly a dozen experiential exercises. Written exercises you can use with clients, and a three-hour introduction to the 5-stage EVOKE® client interview process that is more fully elaborated in our 5-day Advanced Training.

Adviser benefits:

  • Enhances the ability of the adviser to empathize with the client, building trust.
  • Improves the ability of the adviser to inspire the client to action toward their goals and toward financial action.
  • Access to mindfulness-based listening, empathy and goal exercises for use with clients.
  • Gives the adviser a philosophical and psychological framework to understand client behavior and enhance coaching skills.
  • Increase closing ratios—fewer wasted opportunities.
  • Get effortless referrals—even after the first meeting!
  • Build assets under management and planning revenue from all your clients.

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Participants enthusiastically recommend the workshop:

Attendee Testimonials;

“I have learned a great deal and love the whole philosophy and simplicity of this approach. Thank you. So much in so little time.” Adam Wells

“Very Profound, life-changing course not just for financial planners but for everyone.” Krupesh Kotecha

“An Awakening! (in both a professional and personal sense)”  Darren Williams

“Wonderful and Amazing Course!” Joandie Sohoeman

“This course isn’t just great in helping think about money but it has been invaluable in helping understand how to deal with situations in all areas of life.” Aaron Eriskin, Partner with Walter & Partners

“Simply the most enlightening course available for planners today. A must!”

“If you want to bring your IFA business into the 21st century you owe it to your clients, but more importantly to yourself, to attend the Seven Stages workshop.”

 “Instructors bring a mélange of knowledge, experience, humor, humility, erudition and stories to teach and empower us to empower our clients.”

 “A truly worthwhile experience. This two-day session has been illuminating! I look forward to future seminars.”

Read what George Kinder CFP®, RLP® has to say about the event.

Hear what attendees have said – YouTube – http://youtu.be/s81ilTbZdac

More …

Money–The Last Taboo
People will discuss their work, their kids, their parents. They’ll even disclose problems they may be having in their marriages or with their health. But rarely do they talk about the one thing we all have in common—MONEY. It’s what supports all of us. Yet, it’s the last great taboo. How many of us have hesitated to talk about financial issues with our own spouse? Even when a client talks with a financial advisor, they often don’t dare to articulate what they really want to get out of life and how they would like their money to support them. Why?

In The Seven Stages of Money Maturity® workshop we train financial advisors to explore this unexamined territory. Where do beliefs about money come from? Why do clients keep them so private? Why are they so persistent even when they are painfully counter-productive? How can advisors sensitively and professionally help clients bring to the surface their closely-guarded dreams and aspirations? With the Kinder Institute’s Seven Stages and EVOKE® models advisors are able to do just this.

The Future is Life Planning

Developing this kind of client relationship coaching skill—what we call financial Life Planning—is the future of the advisory profession. And this workshop is one step toward developing a completely fresh approach to engaging clients, one that focuses first on the person, not their portfolio. Of course, we need to develop solid financial strategies for our clients. But first, we must understand what money is for. If we truly connect to a client’s deepest dreams and aspirations and can fashion plans in their service, we will earn clients for life.

This is the future. Go beyond investment management. Financial Life Planning will differentiate you from the crowd and help build unbreakable trust with your clients.