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The kind of annual client meeting you want to experience

Michael Fair-weather

February 2017

Someone told me five years ago to stop going on about George Kinder’s approach to life planning and start doing it for clients. Great advice!

I’ve just got back from a client meeting and was really delighted with the progress a couple with a young family have made since they became clients just over two years ago.

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Advisers that do not embrace a less finance-centric approach to their work will struggle to comply with a best interest duty, says the father of the ‘life planning’ movement

George Kinder

February 2017

In an interview with Morningstar India, Mr Kinder, a veteran financial adviser in the US and founder of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning, said that considering financial concerns of clients alone will not be sufficient to meet fiduciary tests imposed in a number of countries by law.

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Politics could use a dose of life planning

FP Today
George Kinder

February 2017

In Life Planning we learn communication skills. Some advisers think of it as a way to build their businesses by reaching new markets, or to strengthen their business by retaining the clients that they have. All true. But it’s really about individual freedom.

Life Planning begins by listening to oneself, getting to know oneself, whether we are a consumer, an adviser or a politician. It involves finding one’s authenticity, one’s dream of freedom and then living it.

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Money Plans Cannot Ignore Life Plans

LiveMint, India
January 2017

George Kinder, the founder of Kinder Institute of Life Planning, was in Mumbai recently conducting a session on ‘Life Planning’. The session was attended by many financial planners and advisers who were interested in this approach towards money management. This is a more personalised extension of financial planning (read more about it here: For clients, it’s about sharing and acknowledging values that drive their dreams rather than just enumerating financial goals. Read more.


In 5 Years India may have the Strongest Life Planning Culture in the World.


“In Five Years India may have the Strongest Life Planning Culture in the World.” George Kinder states. Read more.


Life Planning and the RoboAdviser Role

Journal of Financial Planning

I was asked recently, “If you were a millennial today, and had your understanding of finance and financial planning, what would most concern you about your future?” Read more


How to get smart about financial planning!

Three questions that can transform your financial life

Business Standard

George Kinder: I examine unrest, wars, and distrust of advisers

August 30, 2016 FP Today My new book, due out in the spring, is about a golden civilization. A civilization that thrives with freedom for all, for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The book starts with the Banking Crisis of 2008 and the Great Recession, then examines the current political unrest and atmosphere of […]

On the financial couch One of the biggest benefits of seeing an adviser is also one of the most overlooked. When you’re trying to sort out your money, it helps just to have someone to talk to – someone who knows what they’re talking about. Welcome to the world of the financial adviser as counselor. Read more

6 Ways to Have a Happy Retirement

USA Today This is probably not the news you want to read. But facts are facts. And these are the cold, hard and unfortunate facts: Fewer and fewer American retirees say they are “very satisfied” with their retirements, and a growing number report that they are “not at all satisfied” with their retirements… Read more

The Next Stage Of Advisor Evolution

Michael Kitces On Wall Street … George Kinder [has] suggested for years that good planning starts by focusing on a client’s personal values and that financial decisions flow from the pursuit of nonfinancial life goals. Read more