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Virtual Life Planning Mastery 
An ongoing monthly live program for Registered Life Planners®.

Announcing our new and exciting Online Virtual Life Planning Mastery Program. You can call in on our live video software and talk directly with our Master Trainers, George Kinder and RLP’s in the Life Planning community to improve your EVOKE skills and be trained in the latest methodologies for Life Planning and to help your firm connect with clients and help build deeper client relationships.

Monthly Topic Sessions:

2018 Topics
January 23, 2018
Tuesday 12 noon (EDT)
Mindfulness and Somatic Awareness:  A Practice to Deepen EVOKEWe will explore how to use mindfulness and the wisdom inherent in our bodies to deepen our listening and empathy. We will briefly review a history of the mindfulness movement and the benefits of mindfulness, including the latest discoveries in neuroscience research. We will then learn a somatic awareness and mindfulness practice and explore how to use this tool to listen for emotions and core values in order to build more meaningful and lasting relationships with clients. This will be particularly valuable for Exploration but will be useful throughout the EVOKE process.  Kathy Lubar
February 13, 2018

Tuesday 12 noon (EDT)

How the Skills of Life Planning Build a Golden CivilizationDrawing from Georges new book, A Golden Civilization, we will deepen our understanding of how EVOKE works both in our practices and in our communities. And in particular how it delivers freedom.  George Kinder
March 13, 2018

Tuesday 12 noon (EDT)

Positivity Skills for Life Planners: Harnessing the Power of Positive Psychology and NeuroscienceThe remarkable, evidence-based power of positivity – positive mindset, positive conversational skills, focusing on strengths (yours; clients; everyone else’s), and a vivid, uplifting vision (“a Torch for every situation, big and small”) – in deepening relationships, individual and group performance and ROP (Return on Positivity), health and, would you believe, longevity! Harnessing these skills leads to win-win-win outcomes. Why would you, as a life planner, NOT want to add these powerful tools to your toolbox?

Beyond simply laying out the facts for you, Ed will introduce each skill, offer experiential exercises and group discussion, and provide practice tips to implement immediately.

  • How the right positive mindset improves interactions and outcomes, and how to choose just the right one.
  • The three different types of questions, and how to frame positive-focus questions for greatest impact and productivity.
  • How to turn around a conversation that’s heading towards the cliff.
  • How to create a powerful Torch for each situation, ranging from the next moment to the rest of your life.
  • How to be positive without being Mary Poppins or a sucker.
 Edward Jacobson
April Date TBD How to work with Inspiration and empowerment instead of taking over responsibility and giving solutions.

In traditional Financial Planning advisers often come from the assumption that they hold all the knowledge and that they have to direct their clients to solutions to what they perceive to be a (potential) (financial) problem. With that, they leave the client powerless and not very motivated to take the necessary actions. It feels like visiting the dentist; it is probably good for you but it is painful.
In this session, we intend to point out why and how Life Planning is different and how we get our clients to feel empowered and inspired to take the necessary actions!

Louis Vollebregt

May Date TBD Our natural adversity to change or how to get into action.

Deeply rooted in humanity is the urge to make our environment as predictable as possible. This helps with finding the right strategies to survive in a potentially hostile world. As soon as we have a successful strategy we promise ourselves that this will work next time as well. In that, we want to make sure that everything stays the same. In reality, everything changes all the time so we end up working with poorly adapted strategies.
In this session we look at ways to help our clients look at their reality, the desired results in life and ways to make their strategies fit!

Louis Vollebregt

2017 Past Topics
August 18, 2017
Friday 12 noon
(EDT) Eastern US Time
 Hosted by Louis Vollebregt

In our valuable work, we know that it is much more effective to work with both partners at the same time. Not doing so will give all kinds of energy leaks and will absolutely take away from the possible results.

In this VLPM session you will learn:
  • Why is it important to work with both partners?
  • How do we explain this to our clients?
  • Setting the scene and rules of engagement.
  • Preventing them from getting into an argument.
  • How to light two separate torches and feel comfortable with the fact that you see differences.
  • Working with difficult relationships not getting into couples therapy.
  • How to work with partners who ‘just follow’.
  • There will be room for participants to ask questions about challenging situations in couples work.
  • The aim of this VLPM session is to give you more of a handle on a couple’s session, boosting your self-confidence and your effectiveness.

Here is what attendees had to say:

“Dear Louis,
Our session today gave me the opportunity to be reminded of some very important aspects of delivering life planning to couples that will be so important to delivering great outcomes for my clients. Being able to receive this training by VLPM was so convenient and therefore practical. Thank you again.”

Nik Proctor

“This was a wonderful presentation by Louis. He provided a very valuable review of EVOKE, to ground everyone, and then gave us his brilliant, and very practical, take on the process of EVOKEing couples. He also shed wonderful light on what empathy really means, what it looks like, and its power in the EVOKE process. I consider myself an experienced EVOKE trainer, mentor and practitioner, and I learned a lot.

We had some 35 attendees on video, and the depth of attention was palpable. I’m planning to remind my former trainees/mentees about VLPM and recommend it once again.”

Mary Zimmerman

 Join us on
September 15, 2017
Friday 12 noon
(EDT) Eastern US time

Although we have all learned to apply the torch in our Life Planning work we tend to get sloppy in the way we do this. This VLPM is all about the best way to offer a torch and how to stay positive in challenging situations. We will learn to:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the purpose of the torch.
  • Will share the latest torch statement.
  • Explain about the structure of the torch and these of each word in it.
  • Show the most effective way to offer it.
  • Practice offering torches.
  • Find ways to improve torches that did not have ‘full impact’.
  • Discuss how to work with evidently impossible longings.
  • The aim of this VLPM session is to feel comfortable offering the most effective torches and to gain the self-confidence to offer great torches always!

“I usually don’t give testimonials, being rather introverted, but I am moved to do so now because the two Virtual Life Planning Mastery webinars I’ve attended have been superb. I’ve not only enjoyed being with other RLPs, but I’ve gained valuable insights and concrete steps that will greatly enhance my Life Planning work with clients now. I am flummoxed as to why every RLP isn’t attending these! They build on our past training; they aren’t a rehash or simply a review of what we learned in the 5-day and mentorship, in my experience. Give them a try! The price is right and using the Zoom technology is easy”.



With Inner Listening as a base we will explore for each stage of EVOKE how to listen, what to listen for and how to move from listening to engaging. The sessions will intermingle practical with experiential learning.

“George’s webinars provide a helpful and convenient way of improving your understanding of the EVOKE process. The use of virtual breakout sessions was very effective at demonstrating the practical use of the topics being covered.”



How to incorporate the EVOKE model into your existing planning offering- where to start, how to charge, how your process may be different going forward.  We’ll also talk about ideal clients for this work, and introducing the concept to existing clients and centers
of influence.  The session will also explore changes that you may
want to consider in your office to help support the life
planning process.

  • How your planning process will change.
  • Deciding how to charge for the new life planning work.
  • Changes to consider to your office space.
  • Communicating the life planning offering to existing
    clients and centers of influence.
  • Keeping the life planning work alive after the
    initial EVOKE process.

“Fabulous discussion of how to integrate Life Planning into a Financial Planning and Wealth Management business. Very useful insights into how to run this type of business. A big shout out to Lisa Kirchenbauer!” Anonymous

December 18, 2017
 12 noon (EDT)

Getting the Most Out of the Life Planning for You Website

The Life Planning for You website has many features for both clients and planners. We will discuss the advantages of using the website over paper forms, review the website’s capabilities, discuss ways to incorporate the website when working with clients, and field any technical questions about the website.

  • How to specify your own custom brand, including custom logo, design elements, content, and bio, to make the Life Planning for You website work seamlessly with your own online brand.
  • How to create multiple brand variants to serve different kinds of clients.
  • How to add and remove clients from the website
  • How to assign specific parts of the EVOKE process to clients, and how to include EVOKE exercises hidden from generic users.
  • How to view client information, including details and summaries, and how to add to or modify information when needed.
  • Other special features for planners including reports, the ability to share clients with other planners in your practice, and more.

Cohosted by:  Joel Gluck and Louis Vollebregt

“For those of us doing life planning, how we manage and access the intake info from our clients is an important part of the process. I learned how the Life Planning For You website can be an extremely useful tool in that regard. I plan on integrating its use for our firm’s process as a result.”           Anonymous
Check back often for more exciting topics and trainers
such as:


Mary Zimmerman                                   Nigel Barker-Smith

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  • Two-hour live video conference with Master Life Planning Trainers.
  • The mission of this course is to provide a means for RLPs to stay connected, build community via live video to improve your EVOKE skills and be trained in the latest methodologies for Life Planning.
  • Kinder Institute’s vision is to have one of these Virtual LPM sessions delivered every month by a different master trainer with each session having its own EVOKE-theme chosen by the master trainers. Participants can choose session topics that most interest them and fit their schedules.
  • Each two-hour session would contain a segment that would be unique to that particular trainer’s skills.
  • After you sign up you will get an invitation to log in on a specified day. You will be able to see live, via video software, master trainers and other RLP’s interested in discussing EVOKE themed/Life Planning topics.

Regular participant price                                     $159 per session

Early Bird participant price                                 $149 per session          (book 3 weeks earlier than session date)

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All times: at 12 noon – 2 pm EDT – US.

US – West Coast— 9 am

US – East Coast—12 noon (EDT)

United Kingdom— 5 pm

Netherlands—6 pm


Practicing the learned techniques and concentrating on:
  • E for Exploration – Get to the root of clients’ needs.
  • V for Vision – What is their dream? How do we make it real?
  • O for Obstacles – Getting rid of obstacles whether tangible or intangible.
  • George Kinder and master trainers in Financial Life Planning will contribute to many of the sessions listed.
  • Louis Vollebregt, who has over 15 years of experience doing high-level business coaching and executive training, has lead each of our UK full day in-person LPM sessions.
  • This program keeps you actively engaged in Life Planning. Constantly discussing with other professionals will keep you sharp and current for your clients’ needs.
  • Being part of a community of high-quality advisers that put the clients’ interests first and know that the relationship with the client is most important above all else.
  • Life Planning Master Status: When RLPs attend a Virtual LPM workshop at least four times per year their status changes to Life Planning Master. This has the added benefit of raising you to the top of the search results on the Kinder Institute website and further identifies you as an expert in the field of Life Planning.
  • This program provides two Kinder Institute CEU’s for keeping up your RLP status.
  • You will be notified ten days before for any cancellation or rescheduled events.

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