About Kinder Institute of Life Planning

Clients deserve to have their life plans at the heart of financial advice; we teach professionals how to make that happen.

Kinder Institute’s mission is to advance the practice of “whole-life” life planning as the most fiduciary, most comprehensive, and most client-centered form of financial planning. We deliver a core set of training programs to professionals around the world, and provide ongoing support and education to our community of Registered Life Planner® (RLP®) designees. Kinder Institute’s workshops, experiential education, and mentoring programs have enriched and unlocked the careers of thousands of financial professionals worldwide, empowering and inspiring them to make financial life planning the center of their work with clients.

"In life planning, our emphasis is on delivering people into their lives, not into our plans."

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Founded in 2003 by George Kinder, widely known as “The Father of Life Planning,” the institute now supports an engaged “alumni” community of over 600 RLP professionals as they fulfill the growing consumer demand for a client-centered approach to financial planning. We continue to raise awareness of the values of a life-centered approach for both clients and their advisors, providing a database of Kinder-trained professionals, as well as a free, interactive life planning tool where users can begin to experience Kinder Institute’s life planning process on their own. Whether you are a financial advisor, planner, or other professional looking to unlock your career potential and find more satisfaction in work, or a potential client seeking financial planners who will put your unique life goals at the heart of the advice they provide, Kinder Institute has the resources to help you get started growing your worth—based on your values.

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