Continuing Education (CEUs) for Registered Life Planners®

The CEU requirements will begin as of January 1, 2008. Each period will last for two years and require that you complete 16 hours of CEU’s during that time. Many of these CEU’s will be filled by courses or trainings that you are already taking or teaching. The Kinder Institute will be offering many alternatives, but there will also be many other ways of fulfilling the requirements with other financial planning or life planning organizations.

Our most important goal is to ensure the highest quality in the delivery of Life Planning services by Registered Life Planners®. At the same time we did not want these requirements to be too burdensome in a profession already awash in CEU requirements. We believe we have struck a beautiful balance here, with some unusual and creative alternatives for RLP® designees.

Biannual Requirements to Maintain Registered Life Planner® Certification

  • 16 hours of life planning continuing education is required every two years to maintain an active RLP® designation. The two year time period for completion of continuing education units (CEUs) begins on January 1 of the year following your certification.
  • Of the 16 required hours at least 8 hours must be from programs offered by the Kinder Institute; however, up to 4 hours of CEUs from non-Kinder Institute programs that have been reviewed and accredited by the Institute may be used to fulfill this 8 hour requirement.
  • Of the 16 hours, at least 4 hours must be devoted to additional training on the EVOKE® method either from the Institute or from another accredited program.

Download PDF of CEU requirements

Ways to complete requirements

Ways to complete requirements – Programs and hours earned

  1. Life Planning Mastery Training (1 day) – 8 hours (satisfies EVOKE® training requirement) and earns Life Planning Master status
  2. Attending or assisting at a 7 Stages of Money Maturity Workshop – up to 8 hours (satisfies EVOKE® training requirement)
  3. 6-Day Presentation Training – 16 hours
  4. Annual Kinder Institute Life Planning Conference – up to 8 hours
  5. Post-Mentorship Coaching Groups (6-month format) – 4 hours
  6. Advanced EVOKE® Webinars, Group Mentorship, and other life planning coaching programs – up to 12 hours
  7. Assisting at a Life Planning 5-Day Advanced Training – 16 hours (satisfies EVOKE® training requirement)
  8. Life Planning courses offered by other sponsors, including but not limited to the FPA, NAPFA, the IFP and PFP – up to 8 hours (call or email for advanced CEU certification of courses you plan to attend; non-Kinder Institute coursework must be clearly related to the Life Planning aspect of advisory work)
  9. Trainings in practice management for Life Planning practices – up to 4 hours
  10. Week long Inner Listening course with George Kinder – 8 hours
  11. Inner Listening Podcasts by George Kinder – up to 2 hours

For Kinder Institute Trainers to maintain certification

Fulfill RLP requirement as outlined above AND

  • for 7 Stages Workshop Trainers – deliver or observe one 7 Stages Workshop/year
  • for 5-Day Life Planning Advanced Trainers – deliver or observe one 5-Day Advanced Training/year
  • for Mentorship Trainers – deliver or observe one Mentorship/year

Download PDF of CEU requirements


Report CEUs here

  1. File CEU’s electronically at
  2. Failure to earn and report CEU’s will result in loss of RLP® certification