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Fulfillment Beyond Finances with George Kinder – Journey To Launch

George Kinder, founder of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning, has over 35 years of experience as a financial planner and tax advisor. He is dedicated to guiding individuals in uncovering their deepest values and leading more fulfilling lives, with the ultimate aim of promoting greater freedom in every aspect of existence. In this conversation,

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Life Planning with George Kinder – Wicked Pissah Podcast

George Kinder, founder of Kinder Institute of Life Planning, has trained over 5,000 professionals worldwide and authored numerous books. George, the first recipient of the Financial Planning Association’s Heart of Financial Planning Award, shares his insights on life planning, including empathetic client communication and the famous Three Questions that guide advisors in helping clients achieve

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Money – Stacey Tisdale

Award-winning financial journalist, author, and financial behavior expert Stacey Tisdale guide a discussion with renowned thought leader in life planning and expert mindfulness practitioner George Kinder. Kinder shares his transformative insights on economics, democracy, space-time, and personal freedom, aiming to elevate freedom globally. The “Change Your Mind, Change Your Money!” recorded live session with Stacey

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Creating Your Healthy Relationships With Money – Love Ignites Peace

George Kinder discusses how the healthiest relationship with money begins with self-awareness and acting in financial harmony with that understanding. Aligning with the principles of financial sufficiency, Kinder explains how to embody the knowledge, energy, and heartfelt fullness necessary for cultivating an optimal relationship with money. He encourages evaluating your attachment to money-related stories and

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How To Light Your Torch with George Kinder

In Ep 20 of The Humans vs Retirement Podcast, George D. Kinder and Dan Haylett discuss the importance of being in the moment and how it can positively impact our retirement journey. George Kinder shares with Dan a trick question and his insights on the power of living in the present moment. In a world filled with

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