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Ep #310: Two Million Dollars of Revenue in Four Years: A Conversation with Shane Mason and AJ Ayers

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The overarching vision of the Kinder Institute is to bring Life Planning to everyone in the world by increasing the public’s knowledge about and demand for Life Planning, and by training Life Planners and helping them continue to develop their skills and practices.

XYPN Radio – Maddy Roche, host of XYPN Radio, interviews Registered Life Planner® AJ Ayers and her business partner Shane Mason. They discuss what their business growth has been like—from identifying great new talent for their team to handling the crazy demands of this year’s tax season. They talk about why hiring an operations teammate was vital for their scalability and how their fee calculator helps with transparency. Shane and AJ share their take on their impact, why they got into this business, and how they’ve managed to keep up with the demands of their growing firm. Credit: Maddy Roche, AJ Ayers, & Shane Mason –

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