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Ep #327: Building Confidence to Launch and Grow Your Ideal Firm: A Conversation with Heather Townsend

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The overarching vision of the Kinder Institute is to bring Life Planning to everyone in the world by increasing the public’s knowledge about and demand for Life Planning, and by training Life Planners and helping them continue to develop their skills and practices.

XYPN Radio – This episode of XYPN Radio covers a lot—Heather Townsend, a Registered Life Planner®, shares her wisdom from, as she describes it, her messy first few years, and she talks about why it was important for her to raise her fees a number of times as her confidence gained. She shares how today she is able to deliver massive value to her clients on an ongoing basis by working with a coach and following her own life plan. Heather is also a new mom of twins and talks about what it was like to prepare for and enjoy her well-deserved maternity leave, which meant setting up boundaries. She also talks candidly about what it’s like to be a perfectionist and what her confidence curve was like after starting her firm—something more advisors should consider when building their firm. She shares how her life planning training has helped her impact her client’s lives. Credit: Maddy Roche & Heather Townsend –

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