is a continuation of the deep learning of the EVOKE® training through case studies, peer support, group teleconferences and one-on-one guidance from an experienced mentor. “Real-life, back-home” client situations and practice challenges are explored during the six-month interactive program.

This is the third and final step in achieving the Registered Life Planner® (RLP®) designation.

Deepen your insight, knowledge, and skills in applying EVOKE® and the Seven Stages framework to your life planning clients.

Case Studies

  • Each Mentee will present a real-life Life Planning Case they are working on.
  • Each case will be carefully considered by mentees and mentors for guidance, clarity and direction for the best client experience possible.

Group Teleconferences

    • Case Updates
    • Practice Management integration

Peer Support (1:1)

    • Share learning Experiences, insights, concerns and more
    • Support and coach each other in the mentorship process

Individual mentee-mentor (1:1) Conferences

    • One-on-One guidance from our expert mentors
    • Focuses on your specific needs and development

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RLP® Mentorship described
by George Kinder (3:09)


“Mentorship has helped me live my own life plan. And greatly helped in learning to help others do the same. It’s like walking the talk. It’s something you need to experience first, authenticity and then help others with this profound learning. It has changed my life and outlook towards life.” Indresh Malik Graduate 09/2017

“Registering for mentorship is one of the best things I have done in my life. It has not only been able to help me to extend my learnings from the EVOKE® programe but also made me a better person overall… personal relationships are better and have been able to create a difference in the lives of my clients largely.” Sushma Dialani Graduate 09/2017

“The mentorship is the chance to go deep into the EVOKE® method. It is the most effective action one can take to make sure the skills learned at the EVOKE® training stick for good.” Marcio Silveira Graduate 10/2017

This is the best skill I have ever learned. The depth of relationship and value I am now delivering to my clients is priceless. It has changed how I advise my clients for the better”  Stuart Poonawala Graduate 2/2018