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Sebastian Jersch

Before studying economics and starting his career as a financial planner in 2004, Sebastian Jersch worked as a professional musician in classical orchestras. The power of non-verbal communication through music, capable of moving our hearts, creating and releasing feelings, and connecting people, remains deeply rooted in his life experience. When he was introduced to Kinder Institute’s method of life planning and experienced the art of inner listening, it was like a return to the essence of the connecting element of every art, the sensing and experiencing of dissonance or resonance in and with people.

By combining the soft side of financial planning that comes with the life planning approach with all the technical expertise (tax rules, investing, and retirement details) that financial planners are intimately familiar with, Sebastian now understands the true potential and responsibility that lies in financial planning when done right. Since then, his work as a financial planner has taken on a whole new meaning and direction, and he has felt privileged to see the wonderful results that this consulting approach brings to the lives of his clients in his daily practice.

Sebastian is managing director of his own financial planning practice and wealth management firm Neo Consult in Marburg (Germany), founded in 2011. He and his team are focused on helping clients see their potential and use it accordingly. In order to ensure the consulting standard and to offer a homogeneous customer experience across all advisors in the company, all senior advisors have earned the Registered Life Planner (RLP) designation. As the first person to earn the RLP designation in Germany, Sebastian is passionate about training other professionals to pass on this art of communication so they can help their clients lead more meaningful lives.

As Co-Trainer for EVOKE and The Seven Stages of Money Maturity trainings and an Assistant Trainer with Life Planning Mentorships, Sebastian works together with Louis Vollebregt and Thom Boot to bring Life Planning to Germany.

English and German Speaking.

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