Gill Cardy: Experience is No Match for Empathy

Money Marketing – Registered Life Planner Gill Cardy explains why being a good financial planner takes more than life or financial planning experience. She asserts that one of the best qualifications that a financial planner can possess is to be a good listener and to lead their client conversations from a place of empathy. Credit: Gill Cardy

Ep #274: Life Planning as a Fiduciary Responsibility: An Interview with George Kinder and Lora Woodward

XYPN Radio – On this episode of XYPN Radio, George Kinder and Lora Woodward of Kinder Institute of Life Planning share what advisors can expect during the two-day training and what they can expect out of incorporating life planning into their firm. Lora Woodward, a Registered Life Planner® and trainer and George Kinder, founder of Kinder Institute, discuss how life planning has the power to transform the standard client/advisor relationship and turn a financial planning engagement into a long-term, meaningful relationship. George and Lora remind us that listening and mindfulness are fundamentals of the client/advisor relationship. Credit: Maddy Roche, Lora Woodward, George Kinder

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