Identifying What Really Matters to Effectively Navigate Your Finances with Scott Frank

Minority Money Podcast – Scott Frank, Registered Life Planner® and trainer at Kinder Institute of Life Planning is interviewed by Emlen Miles-Mattingly for his Minority Money Podcast. Scott shares his expertise in the field of life planning and explains why it is so important for advisors to understand their clients and how they define life fulfillment in order to help them with their financial planning. Credit: Emlen Miles-Mattingly & Scott Frank

Living Your Passion with George Kinder

Mission Driven Business – George Kinder joins Registered Life Planner® Brian Thompson on his podcast, Mission Driven Business and talks about the importance of passion and how his passion for creating a strong training model fueled him to draft his famous three questions. He also discusses how his purpose continues to evolve as his life grows and changes. Credit: Brian Thompson & George Kinder

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