Episode 30: Values-Based Financial Life Planning

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Episode 30: Values-Based Financial Life Planning

"Money checkup Podcast with Scott Frank"

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The overarching vision of the Kinder Institute is to bring Life Planning to everyone in the world by increasing the public’s knowledge about and demand for Life Planning, and by training Life Planners and helping them continue to develop their skills and practices.

Money Check Up Podcast – Kinder Institute of Life Planner trainer Scott Frank joins Money Check Up host Anja Jariwala for an episode about life planning. He shares how he implements the EVOKE® method into his practice, and shares the Three Questions that he asks clients to help discover what matter most to them before he starts talking about finances. Credit: Anjali Jariwala & Scott Frank – https://fitadvisors.com/episode-30-values-based-financial-life-planning/

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