I’m a Registered Life Planner® with Diana Yáñez & Elliott Appel

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Kinder Institute of Life Planning’s Money and Meaning Blog presents the “I’m a Registered Life Planner®” series. Host Lora Woodward, Communications Director of Kinder Institute, chats with Diana Yáñez, MA, CFP®, RLP®, Founder and Financial Empowerment Coach of All the Colors based in Mexico and Elliott Appel, CFP®, CLU®, RLP®, Financial Planner and Founder of Kindness Financial Planning, LLC. Diana and Elliott are two of nearly 600 professionals globally that have earned the prestigious Registered Life Planner® (RLP®) designation.


00:00 Welcomes, Introduction

00:45 How Diana and Elliott came to be financial planners

02:56 How Elliott found his niche serving widows and women undergoing big life changes

03:36 Why Diana felt called to found All the Colors and its mission

4:55 What financial life planning means to Elliot and Diana

06:38 How being an RLP® has helped them differentiate themselves from other financial planners

09:08 How Diana and Elliot’s relationship has continued beyond their first meeting at an EVOKE® Life Planning training

14:12 What advice they would give to a new Life Planner just starting down this path

16:10 How advisors going through our programs might practice their life planning skills if they don’t have the freedom to do so at their current position.

18:45 The importance (and significance) of silence

19:20 Closing

Diana G. Yáñez, CFP®, RLP® (she/her) is a financial empowerment coach. At All the Colors, Diana facilitates group coaching to help individuals underserved by the financial services industry build confidence in their money decisions. Beyond financial literacy, All the Colors focuses on financial capability to support participants as they implement decisions to reach their financial and life goals. By providing this service in a group setting participants get to learn from other’s experience in a supportive environment. Before founding All the Colors, Diana worked as a financial planner, business analyst, demographer, and in social work. She is an active member of her Quaker meeting and enjoys traveling, reading, and dancing bachata.

Elliott Appel, CFP®, CLU®, RLP®, is a Financial Planner and Founder of Kindness Financial Planning, LLC, a fee-only financial planning firm located in Madison, WI that works virtually with people across the country. Kindness Financial Planning is focused on helping widows, caregivers, and people affected by major health events organize and simplify their financial lives. Elliott offers proactive tax planning, insurance guidance, investment advice, and ensures estate planning is coordinated with the financial independence plan. He is passionate about helping people discover what their ideal life looks like and making sure their money aligns with it.

Kinder Institute of Life Planning, is a training company that provides workshops, experiential trainings, and consulting services to financial advisors and professionals worldwide. Thousands of advisors and financial coaches have trained with Kinder Institute on client-centered life planning methodologies since it began in 2003. Advisors that complete the entire course of study including The Seven Stages of Money Maturity® 2-Day Training, the EVOKE® Life Planning Training, and a subsequent 6-month mentorship program earn the designation of Registered Life Planner® (RLP®), which signifies that they have become life planning experts. To learn more about life planning, trainings offered by Kinder Institute of Life Planning, or to find a Registered Life Planner®, visit www.kinderinstitute.com.

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Stay In Touch With The Latest News From Kinder Institute!

Receive updates on new and upcoming courses, the latest news in Life Planning, and our most recent blog posts.

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