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Louis Vollebregt

A Kinder Institute Master Trainer, Louis Vollebregt studied sociology, anthropology and psychology with the University of Groningen but eventually shifted to a career in financial services instead. He has several decades experience in various management and sales positions with Equity & Law/AXA in the Netherlands and developed leading financial planning programs for financial advisers. In 2004 he founded his own business, Means in Progress, and remains an active executive management coach and trainer focused on business and personal effectiveness; his clients include several large companies in the financial industry. For the past fifteen years he has incorporated Life Planning into his practice and has been an international trainer and mentor with Kinder Institute of Life Planning, working with financial advisers from around the world. Louis is also a personal Life Planner for entrepreneurs and acts as a mediator of complex business dissolutions.

Louis is a Master Trainer of EVOKE® Life Planning and The Seven Stages of Money Maturity courses and a Trainers’ Coach/Educator for Kinder Institute of Life Planning.

English and Dutch Speaking.

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