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Nigel Barker-Smith

Nigel is a founding Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), and one of the UK’s leading trainers of Financial Life Planning. He’s worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years and is committed to using his knowledge and experience to transform the way it operates, ensuring more people benefit from financial plans that get profound results. Nigel earn the RLP® designation in 2011 after being drawn to take The Seven Stages of Money Maturity® course in London.

As a bit of background, Nigel left school to work in a bank as a teller. A few years in, he came to realize that the leads he was passing his friend, an adviser, were earning him six times more money than what he was making, so he too became an adviser. After 14 years he saw himself as a glorified salesman and became frustrated with targets, even though his production was sixth in the country out of 2,500 advisers. He became self-employed and built a business that grew to 10 advisers, however he became frustrated again realizing that it was all about the money. Something was missing, which fell on deaf ears in the firm. In a short space of time, Nigel was drawn to a business coach, who helped him see the bigger picture, and he found George Kinder’s work which reminded him that money is just a facilitator.

Nigel calls attending The Seven Stages of Money Maturity and called it “a life changer.” He sold his shares and left the business to set up on his own, which enabled him to practice and preach financial planning done well. Since earning his RLP designation in 2011, he has developed into a Kinder Institute trainer. He has been involved in about 10 EVOKE® Life Planning courses and has had the privilege and enjoyment of leading two. He calls the trainings “truly magnificent weeks to experience.”

When he’s not helping clients live their dreams, Nigel is an avid sports enthusiast. He enjoys playing golf, watching American Football, and being a local football referee. He spends most winter weekends watching his two sons playing football and the summer on the Scottish coast. Nigel’s an active member of the local chamber of commerce and champions local, independent businesses to help owners and the local area to succeed.

Nigel is a lead trainer for the EVOKE Life Planning Trainings for Kinder Institute of Life Planning.

English Speaking.

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