The Rise of FinPsych, Financial Therapy and Life Planning-Wealth Management

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The Rise of FinPsych, Financial Therapy and Life Planning-Wealth Management

A Photo of Registered Life Planner, Cristina Livadary sitting on a sofa.

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The overarching vision of the Kinder Institute is to bring Life Planning to everyone in the world by increasing the public’s knowledge about and demand for Life Planning, and by training Life Planners and helping them continue to develop their skills and practices.

“Human first” is the now and future of financial planning. Diana Britton crafted a comprehensive look at the pioneers and scouts that have been shaping the financial planning world, including Kinder Institute’s founder and author of The Seven Stages of Money Maturity, George D. Kinder. The article kicks off with the journey of financial life planner Cristina Livadary, CFP®, RLP®, who sought to deepen her understanding of “what money really means to clients, and why,” and found her path forward with Kinder Institute of Life Planning’s Registered Life Planner® designation curriculum. Britton shares the history of the human-first movement and how it is has become more mainstream thanks to the work of the Financial Therapy Association, Susan Bradley and Financial Transitionist Institute, the Nazrudin Project, Drs. Ted and Brad Klontz, and many more!

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