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Thom Boot

Thom studied International Economics at the University of Tilburg and became involved in financial services in the early nineties. Starting as a financial advisor, Thom became an entrepreneur in 2000. He first met George Kinder in 2003 in the Netherlands and earned the RLP designation in 2008. From then on his focus was on Life Planning and he founded his company Thomorrow Lifeplanning. He co-founded the Association of Lifeplanners (VLPN) in the Netherlands and inspires others to work in this wonderful profession. In joining the Next Step Factory Cooperation (NSF), Thom is also helping entrepreneurs to make a difference. His own next logical step was to become a Kinder Institute trainer in order to share and inspire others. Last but not least: Thom is living his life plan!

Thom is co-trainer on both The Seven Stages of Money Maturity Workshop and the EVOKE Life Planning Training and hosts the Mentorship program in the Netherlands.

English, Dutch, and German Speaking.

Trainer Spotlight: Thom Boot

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