I’m a Registered Life Planner: George Kinder

I’m a Registered Life Planner: George Kinder

Photograph of George Kinder, standing next to tree, wearing casual jacket and hat

In this episode of Kinder Institute of Life Planning’s “I’m a Registered Life Planner®” series, host Lora Woodward chats with George Kinder, Founder and President of Kinder Institute of Life Planning! George Kinder shares his thoughts on creating and living your life plan, including some very exciting news that is the latest part of his own!

George is one of over 550 professionals globally that have earned the prestigious Registered Life Planner® (RLP®) designation. #RegisteredLifePlanner

See below for a timestamped overview of their conversation!


00:45 How George Kinder’s new book can be a model for Life Planners living their own Life Plan

03:00 The details of George’s Third Question and how it ties to the creation of this book, that has been 30 years in the making

03:50 How the Kinder Institute of Life Planning and its trainers have been instrumental in helping George dedicate his time to this project

06:30 How this book can be a guide to living in the present moment and in nature

08:02 His plans for the next books

08:07 George’s advice to living your life plan, and living a life of freedom

13:20 The advantages clients experience when their Life Planners have been life planned themselves

14:50 Why Registered Life Planners are the most trustworthy advisors

19:20 George’s advice to committing to live your life plan

21:18 What is next in George’s life plan

Find out more about George Kinder’s new book of photography and poetry, Reflections on Spectacle Pond: the Weekly Edition here. Make sure to sign up to receive it for free by email, one week at a time!

Internationally recognized as the father of the Life Planning movement, Harvard-educated George Kinder revolutionized financial advice for over 30 years by training thousands of professionals in 30 countries in the field of financial Life Planning. After 30 years as a practicing tax adviser and financial planner, he founded Kinder Institute of Life Planning, delivering experiential training programs for professionals that help clients identify their most profound dreams of freedom and then use financial skills to deliver it. You can find Registered Life Planners through the company’s Life Planner Search. George is the author of seven books, including three books on money, The Seven Stages of Money Maturity, Lighting the Torch, and Life Planning for You; a book on mindfulness, Transforming Suffering into Wisdom; two books of poetry and photography, including his latest project, Reflections on Spectacle Pond; and his recently acclaimed, A Golden Civilization & The Map of Mindfulness. Kinder was the first winner of the Financial Planning Association’s Heart of Financial Planning Award which recognizes “individuals who demonstrate commitment and passion in doing extraordinary work to contribute or give back to the financial planning community and/or the public.” He has been named “One of the 35 most influential people in financial services,” “One of the top Icons & Innovators in the financial planning industry,” “the first of 15 transformational advisors whose vision most changed the industry,” and has been inducted into the Financial Planning Magazine Hall of Fame.

Kinder Institute of Life Planning is a training company that provides workshops, experiential trainings, and consulting services to financial advisors and professionals worldwide. Thousands of advisors and financial coaches have trained with the Kinder Institute on client-centered life planning methodologies since it began in 2003. Advisors that complete the entire course of study including The Seven Stages of Money Maturity® 2-Day Training, the EVOKE® Life Planning Training, and a subsequent 6-month mentorship program earn the designation of Registered Life Planner® (RLP®), which signifies that they have become life planning experts.

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Stay In Touch With The Latest News From Kinder Institute!

Receive updates on new and upcoming courses, the latest news in Life Planning, and our most recent blog posts.

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