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Spotlight: Scott Frank, CFA, CFP®

Scott has revolutionized his practice since earning his Registered Life Planner® designation in 2018. As the founder of Stone Steps Financial, he is passionate about helping his clients align their money with their life, freeing up their time to enjoy what matters most. He is also a co-host of the Real Personal Finance Podcast, where

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Spotlight: Thom Boot, RLP®

Thom has been a Registered Life Planner® since 2008. As the founder of Thomorrow Life Planning, based in the Netherlands, Thom helps his clients find what matters most to them and then helps to deliver it. He also works with both advisors and entrepreneurs. Thom is a Kinder Institute trainer and can be found co-leading

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Spotlight: Mary Zimmerman, CFP®, RLP®

Mary has been part of the Life Planning movement since its early days. As the owner of PATH Financial Strategies, based in Arizona, USA, she uses her skills as a Life Planner to find out what is most important to her clients and builds a financial plan to support that. Mary is a Kinder Institute

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Courageous Conversations

In this month’s blog post, Spencer Sherman shares a personal story about a courageous money conversation that he had in an effort to mend a fracture in his family from the previous generation’s failure to do so over forty years previously. Spencer’s understanding of money maturity and his background in mindfulness practice inform his advice

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RLP® in Social Work

Trèske Heere, RLP® shares the founding story of her new nonprofit company, De Dreamfabryk, which will give people of different financial backgrounds the benefit of being Life Planned.

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How Life Planning Has Impacted My Business and My Life

Ariadne Horstman, founder and financial planner at Appreciate Finance, shares her experience of her training to be a Registered Life Planner, beginning with an experience she will never forget, an EVOKE Life Planning Training led by George Kinder and Louis Vollebregt at George’s home in Hana, Maui!

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Living My Life Plan…Delivering Life Plans to Others

Donna Rasile, a Registered Life Planner at FinTrust Capital Advisors, shares her life planning journey, which started with a realization that as an investment advisor, there was room for both a love of numbers, the more technical side of financial planning, and a desire to help people, the service-oriented side of financial planning. Donna’s training

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

Scott Malcolm, CFP®, SSA, RLP®, shares how he answers this age-old question, first as a new graduate, once again right before starting his own practice, Money Mechanics, and now, with an established personal and professional standing. His journey and how life planning has influenced him throughout it, is surely something that many business-owners can relate

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Changing the Conversation From Money to Vision™

Joan Sharp of River Family Associates shares how she overcame her own money messages and used her varied education and work experience as a springboard to live her own life plan: working philanthropically with non-profits she believes in and delivering her clients’ dreams

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