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Photograph of Scott Malcolm, sitting outside, smiling and looking directly forward, wearing a dark business suit with white collared shirt

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Scott Malcolm, CFP®, SSA, RLP®, shares how he answers this age-old question, first as a new graduate, once again right before starting his own practice, Money Mechanics, and now, with an established personal and professional standing. His journey and how life planning has influenced him throughout it, is surely something that many business-owners can relate

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Photograph of Joan Sharp, smiling and looking directly forward, wearing a brown shirt

Changing the Conversation From Money to Vision™

Joan Sharp of River Family Associates shares how she overcame her own money messages and used her varied education and work experience as a springboard to live her own life plan: working philanthropically with non-profits she believes in and delivering her clients’ dreams

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Athlete hiking in the Sahara, standing at top of a sand dune with arms over head

Running Toward the Impossible Dream

Registered Life Planner® Michael Bibb put aside his excuses and found the time to train and complete the Marathon Des Sable, running 6 marathons in seven days through the Sahara. He credits the EVOKE® Life Planning Training and George Kinder’s encouragement to live your most fulfilled life among other creative inspirations in this blog post

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Frank and Frankie Corrado, both looking directly forward, wearing black suit jackets with white collared shirts

Taking Financial Life Guidance to the Next Level

“Financial Life Guidance” finds an expanded audience through a recent merger between Life Planning Firm Blue Blaze and their merger with Robertson Stephens. In this blog post, Registered Life Planner Frankie Corrado discusses his and his co-founder and father, Registered Life Planner Frank Corrado’s decision to merge with a larger firm and how considering the

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Photograph of Morgan Ranstrom, smiling and looking directly forward, wearing a blue suit jacket and green collared shirt

Morgan Ranstrom CFA, CFP®, RLP®

Registered Life Planner® Morgan Ranstrom shares how attending The Seven Stages of Money Maturity® and EVOKE® Life Planning Trainings changed his life both professionally and personally, encouraging him to confront areas of his life that were not in line with how he most wanted to live it. When he met George Kinder at an event,

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View of the mainside at Camino de Santiago

The Fourth Question

Life Planning can have a lasting impact on your clients and being a financial planner, you get to see the effects of that impact every day. But have you ever considered how living your own Life Plan can help the world around you? In this blog post, Adam Wells shares the Fourth Question that he

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Three photographs grouped together, three people standing near the ocean in Hawaii US, smiling, happy

Integrated Life Planning

After spending a week together for the EVOKE® Life Planning training, Miriam Whiteley shares how she and two other EVOKE® graduates and fellow Registered Life Planners have stayed in touch and have held eachother accountable more than a year out from their initial life planning sessions in Hana, HI. In this blog post, Miriam shares

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Person looking directly forward, smiling, wearing a black blazer, white collard shirt, and maroon tie.

Life Planning Success Stories

Sometimes in a client meeting, you might be faced with a client who is navigating some difficult emotions. Being a Registered Life Planner, you are equipped to enter that conversation with empathy and the tools to help take your client out of their despair and help them forward on their hero’s journey. In this blog

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