Anita Vollebregt

After several other client-oriented jobs, Anita was introduced to the work of George Kinder. His EVOKE method was the missing link in her job at the bank. In 2014, she became an RLP and began using Life Planning to help clients live with purpose and create fulfilling lives.

Brad A. Tafoya

The realization that there is a relationship between money and feelings led Brad on a journey of reading books and articles about the psychology of money. His study deepened his understanding of himself and led to better understanding and empathy for what his clients were facing.

Nadam Schmidt

Nadam is on a mission to educate ING and other employees of large banks to build an advisory service that is truly customer-centric rather than product and money focused. He is specialized in business implementation of life planning on AUM basis in sales oriented organizations. While being a pragmatic financial planner, he is also inspired to integrate mindfulness and personal development into life and business.

Rosemarie McKinnon

Rosemarie is a CFP® with one of Canada’s largest financial planning companies, IG Wealth Management for over 20 years. She became Canada’s first woman to earn the RLP designation in 2010 and brings the EVOKE process as a value-added experience to her clients. EVOKE is the way she does financial planning.

Cristina Livadary

Cristina is the CEO & Co-Founder of Mana Financial Life Design and believes that even greater success can be achieved by solving issues holistically – with individuals and their families. Cristina designed her own life plan and has transitioned to her dream career as a financial life planner who does everything in her power to positively impact the lives of her clients.

Kathy King

Kathy created and implemented the firm’s Operations Management System, leading to MFP being the first firm in the UK accredited to the new British Standard in Financial Planning.

Justin King

Justin is a CISI Chartered Fellow, Chartered and Certified Financial Planner, SOLLA Accredited Later Life Adviser and host of The Retirement Café podcast. He founded and runs retirement planning specialists MFP Wealth Management in Christchurch, Dorset, helping successful people to retire well and future-proof their wealth. As a Registered Life Planner (RLP) designee and financial coach, Justin supports and inspires his clients to live fulfilling lives.

Sebastian Jersch

Before studying economics and starting his career as a financial planner in 2004, Sebastian Jersch worked as a professional musician in classical orchestras. The power of non-verbal communication through music, capable of moving our hearts, creating and releasing feelings, and connecting people, remains deeply rooted in his life experience.

Scott Frank

Scott Frank is the founder of Stone Steps Financial, a financial planning and investment management firm located in Encinitas, CA that helps families and professionals align their money with life. He is passionate about pursuing a life-long learning model in order to best serve his clients.

Thom Boot

Thom founded his company Thomorrow Lifeplanning. He co-founded the Association of Lifeplanners (VLPN) in the Netherlands and inspires others to work in this wonderful profession. In joining the Next Step Factory Cooperation (NSF), Thom is also helping entrepreneurs to make a difference.

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